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Welcome to my Comic Convention Page

What is Comic Con you ask? First let me say that Comic Conventions are where people gather to enjoy of films, television shows, and comic books of the basic genre as in science fiction, anime or magna.

Why must you go? A lot of reasons to go to a comic book convention, and they are; 1) collect & find deals on comic books, 2) attend panels where you can hear about your show, comic book, or films, 3) find memorabilia from your favorite films, television shows, and comic books, 4) you might be able to get an autograph from a star, 5) you can dress up as a superhero or a villain and if you have a camera like me take pictures of those who are in costumes.

I just realize that I have gone to at least twenty (20) Comic Conventions since 2006. But there is only one that I really enjoy of attending which is based in San Diego, California, and it is called ‘Comic Con International’ or ‘Comic Con San Diego’ or ‘CCI’. My first time attending CCI was the year 2006, and I had a blast on meeting new people and I was super excited because I met Carrie Fisher and got her autograph. I am a huge Star Wars fan, I might not know everything about it, but I enjoy it and I am glad that it is part of my life. Anyway, I attend Comic Con San Diego due to that they have a day that is solely for Star Wars, and I try to attend all the panels that they have.

Since I am based in California I try to go to everyone, but I mainly focus on going to the one in San Diego, because it is a 4 day event, and most of the smaller comic cons are 2 days (only the weekend).

LINKS to California based Comic Conventions:

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